One of the things that I really believe in is the importance of human connection and as nice as it is to get in touch with people over the internet, meeting new people and getting inspired in real life just can’t be beaten. As a result my goal is to help create a community of people that can collaborate, support and be inspired. Also to provide help, advice or maybe motivation and direction on your latest project.

The three events I hosted in 2018 at the Manchester Royal Exchange all sold out. In 2019 I will be hosting events around the UK as well as online courses, workshops, and retreats. Add your contact details to the newsletter below to be updated when new events and tickets go on sale.

As some of us choose to move away from social media, and with my focus being on meeting people in real life and creating human connections, I would love you to attend one of my events or to connect with me at some of the upcoming events that I am attending this year.

Unlike some events or networking groups, I always pay my speakers and the ticket fee covers the price of the venue, speakers, and promotion of the event. My events always have a ‘donation’ ticket allocation, which means that a small number of tickets can always be purchased for free for those with a lower income or budget.


“I’ve been to a number of Hannah’s betternotstop events and can fully recommend them to business owners, and people working in creative or marketing-based roles. The talks are always full of great information and inspiration, and they always attract a great, diverse group of people. I’ve made some brilliant contacts from the events, as well as taken a lot of tips and actions away with me. Hannah’s a wonderful host and takes the time to speak to everyone and make introductions, making sure no one is left out and everyone gets as much out of the events as possible” Claire Gamble. MD Unhooked Communications.

“I have attended a few of Hannah’s events and I have always found them so informative and welcoming. Hannah really loves what she does and it shows in the calibre of the speakers she invites, and the message I bring home from each of her events has always remained with me. I cannot recommend Betternotstop enough! Niki. Photographer. 

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